COVID-19 Updates





Due to recent changes in guidelines, people’s circumstances are also changing. With that, we will now be opening an hour later on Friday. However, we will be closed an hour earlier on a Saturday. Therefore, our new hours will be:

FRIDAY: 1pm – 5pm

SATURDAY: 1pm – 3pm.

Hopefully it allows more people to pick up their weekend beer after work on a Friday!

Many thanks – Mark & Chris


THIS WEEK’S BEERS & CIDERS (w/c: 06.07.2020)–

We’re excited to welcome back the Hoptimist range of beers – single-hopped ale packed with flavour – with the Mosaic Edition!

This is available from NOW for home delivery and takeouts this weekend.

This will most likely be the last week for Lemon Drop, but we have plenty of everything else.

POLITE REMINDER – please can we insist that large quantities of takeout beer (5L and above) are pre-ordered via the #Brew2You app, or via email/phone.



After reading (all 43 pages of) the government’s guidelines and running a thorough risk assessment, we are making the difficult yet necessary decision to NOT re-open the tap room from the 4th July.

There are many variables to consider – staffing, booking systems, table service apps, PPE, toilets! – as well as capacity in the tap room and the forecourt (which would be weather-dependent too). The logistics of sticking to the guidelines in such a small venue are incredibly difficult, which ultimately means we cannot guarantee our safety and most importantly yours.

Saying that, we WILL continue to be open for home deliveries and takeouts. We will be reviewing our opening times for a Friday (keep an eye on Facebook over the next few days). We also have a few new beers on the horizon, so stay tuned for that.

We really appreciate your continued support throughout all of this. 

The beers will flow from these doors once more!

 – Mark and Chris


THIS WEEK’S BEER & CIDER (w/c: 22.06.20)–

Last week, we saw off Milestone (back in 32 brews time!) and Restoration X. This week sees the return of X’s little brother Restoration AND a welcome return for our super-popular triple-hopped IPA TRAIN ROBBER.


– Restoration is available from THIS FRIDAY 26.06.20

– Train Robber is available from THIS SATURDAY 27.06.20



– No word on the return of our bottles. We’d like to apologise to those enquiring and for your continued patience while we try and sort this out.

– 2 pint containers are still sold out at distribution. If we’re able to acquire some, we’ll let you know.

– Please can we continue to encourage folks to PRE-ORDER LARGE QUANTITIES of beer from us before picking up. It makes life a little easier during busy periods. Many thanks in advance.

– Make sure you’re heading over to Miss Kavita’s Kitchen on Instagram ( to check out what she’s cooking up for this week!


THIS WEEK’S BEERS & CIDERS (w/c: 15.06.2020)–

6 great beers this week for you including something a little different. Introducing:

LEMON DROP! A 4.4% hazy (unfined), zesty lemon beer, packed full of hoptastic flavours. This is summer in a glass AND is suitable for a vegan palette. Lemon Drop is available from WEDNESDAY for home delivery and takeout this weekend.

We have limited stock left of Resto X. We have also sold out of She Devil cider, with limited amounts left of the Voodoo Pulp.


  • We are STILL waiting for our large delivery of bottles. As soon as we have news, we will post about it on social media and our website. We’re HOPING we’ll have them back for this weekend’s Father’s Day. Fingers crossed…
  • Please can we encourage you to pre-order beer of 5L or above, as we can get very busy, especially on a Friday. Many thanks in advance.
  • We are still currently SOLD OUT of 2 pint containers.


THIS WEEK’S BEERS / UPDATES (w/c 18.05.2020) —

Beers available for home delivery:

Cuckoo, Captain Cook, Bavarian Dragon, Big Bomber, Milestone.

We are now SOLD OUT of Restoration in cask for the next few weeks. HOWEVER, we are excited to welcome back the incredibly popular RESTORATION X. It’s Restoration, just turbo-charged!


We are nearly sold out of cider, with just Voodoo Pulp available. We have ordered some more and we’re hoping it will arrive in time for the weekend.


1. We have a limited number of 2 pint containers left and we’re not expecting anymore anytime soon. This is due to our suppliers being sold out. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

2. For those that missed it – we are out of bottled beer for the next 3 weeks or so. We are expecting a delivery of Bavarian Dragon and Cuckoo in about 3 weeks and Restoration in 4-6 weeks. Please bear with us…

3. We are now a part of the exciting new BREW2YOU app. You can now order your home deliveries and takeouts direct from the app. Just head to your preferred app store, download and click what you want and pay through the app. Simples!

Alternatively, you can still order by calling 07538 903753 or emailing Mark –

4. HOME DELIVERIES – now that more people are headed back to work, please can you let us know when ordering a/ if you’re not going to be in and b/ where you’d like your beer left.

Thanks for your continued support –

– Mark and Chris


THIS WEEK’S BEERS (w/c 11.05.2020) —

We’ve updated our list of beers available for home delivery and takeouts (please see below).

[Edit: we are currently out of Freakshow cider, but we are ordering more this week, so hopefully it will arrive in time for the weekend.]

As many of you are aware, we have completely SOLD OUT of our bottled range of beers (bar a handful of barrel-aged special editions). We are expecting to send off the beer for bottling this week, but we can’t give an exact date as to its return. The usual turn around is 3 weeks. Once the bottles arrive, please check our social media channels/website for an announcement.

As usual, if you’d like a home delivery, please call Mark on 07538903753 or email

ADDITIONAL NOTE: if you are planning on ordering a large quantity of beer (5 litres or over) for collection at the tap room over the weekend, please can we encourage you to EMAIL Mark BEFORE 12pm on FRIDAY. This will give us a chance to get the beer ready and will save you having to wait.

Many thanks for your continued support.

– Mark and Chris


LBBC UPDATE w/c 27.04.2020:


Folks, below is an updated poster with all the details for our current selection of beers. A few things –

Captain Cook will be available from THIS THURSDAY (30.04.2020).

We currently DO NOT have any Vimy Bomber available; this should be available from next week.

We have SOLD OUT of our bottled beer. HOWEVER, we have a limited number of Quantum Blonde from Concrete Cow Brewery. These a vegan-friendly gluten-free bottled beers. We also have limited numbers of our Barrel-Aged selection. Mark is looking to brew for bottling within the next two weeks.

We also have limited numbers of Prosecco! £10 a pop. Once they’re gone, they’re gone…


We’ve procured a limited number of 5 litre mini-kegs (see below). Unopened and kept in a cool place, these can keep draft beer up to 12 weeks. Once opened, they must be drunk (immediately!). These are priced at £25.

As always, home delivery orders can be placed up until 1pm on day of delivery (Wednesday/Thursday) by calling Mark on 07835903753 or emailing

If you’d like to pre-order a larger quantity of beer for takeouts on Friday/Saturday, please email on the above address before Friday/Saturday each week.


– Mark and Chris



Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone that’s supported us of late, it is very much appreciated. Demand has been such that Mark will be brewing again this week!

However, due to said demand, we have made the decision to NOT OPEN THE BREWERY FOR TAKEOUTS ON A THURSDAY. We’re going to focus on home deliveries on Wednesday and Thursday (with potentially extended hours both days, more to follow on this soon) and takeouts on Friday and Saturday.

Orders for home deliveries are open until 1pm on each day of delivery – look forward to seeing you soon.


– Mark and Chris


THIS WEEK – 30.03.2020 —

Hi folks,

A few things for this week –

1. MOST IMPORTANT – we WILL NOT be open THIS THURSDAY (02.04.2020) OR NEXT THURSDAY (09.04.2020) for takeouts; Chris – that’s me, hi – is having to isolate for 2 weeks, as my eldest son has had a persistent cough since Sunday. He’s fine – no temp/other illness etc – but we’re following the guidelines and playing it super-safe. Mark WILL still be open for takeouts on Friday and Saturday, 1pm – 4pm both days. 

2. re. the above – deliveries ARE STILL AVAILABLE for this week; feel free to call the brewery or email before 1pm on Wednesday and 1pm on Thursday.

3. PLEASE NOTE: we are now SOLD OUT of Black Buzzard bottles for the foreseeable future. We’re hoping to get some Restoration bottles back in the next two weeks. Stay tuned…

UPDATE 4 – 25.03.2020


Another day, another government U-turn;

It was announced earlier this morning that ‘off-licenses and licensed shops selling alcohol, including those within breweries’ can stay open.

To this end, we are tentatively RE-OPENING the tap room for TAKEOUTS ONLY.

We will also be continuing our home delivery service on Wednesdays and Thursdays (3pm – 5pm) for those who are unable to make it to the tap room.

Therefore, our new opening hours will be:

Thursday: 12pm – 3pm (PLEASE NOTE, SUPER IMPORTANT: our Thursday opening hours will commence from NEXT Thursday, April 2nd).

Friday: 1pm – 4pm

Saturday: 1pm – 4pm.

We will be ramping up our hygiene measures at the tap room and will be enforcing a strict 2 metre ‘queuing’ system at the large tap room door. PLEASE adhere to this.

We politely encourage you, where at all possible, to walk/run/cycle to the brewery (there’s your exercise for the day?!), as our friends at Diagnostic Services are still in and are very busy, so parking might be limited.

Thank you, again, for your continued support at this time.

– Mark and Chris

UPDATE 3 – 24.03.2020


Folks, the inevitable closure update –

After the PM’s lockdown announcement last night, we have made the (incredibly) difficult decision to close the tap room for the foreseeable future, including for takeout beer. Know this – the party we will have after this has all lifted will be EPIC.

HOWEVER – our home delivery service will be going ahead as of 25.03.2020. We have added more days, so our NEW TIMES for delivery are as follows —

WEDNESDAY: 3pm – 5pm

THURSDAY: 3pm – 5pm

FRIDAY: 2pm – 5pm

SATURDAY: 2pm – 5pm

You can order beer by calling Mark on 07538903753 (please don’t call after 6pm). This is, at the moment, the easiest and most efficient way to place an order. We will be updating this as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE – you can order up until 1pm on each day of delivery. If you miss the deadline, no worries, we’ll deliver the following day.

Two things that are super important for this to work:

1. Payment MUST be made before delivery can take place.

2. Someone MUST be in (chances of this at the minute: HIGH!) for us to be able to deliver. If not, we will deliver your beer the following day.


We’re taking your (and our) hygiene VERY seriously.

We will handle all the beer with gloves and sanitise our hands before and after each delivery, changing gloves every third drop.

We’ll ring your door bell and leave, where appropriate, the beer on the doorstep and step away to observe the 2m rule. If no answer, we’ll call the number we were provided when you ordered.

Once again – WE WILL NEED SOMEONE TO BE IN TO TAKE DELIVERY. If not, we will try delivering the following day.

As mentioned before, all of this is unprecedented and we have had, like so many others, to change our business model on the fly, so we apologise if mistakes are initially made.

Any questions, please email Mark at, or feel free to DM us on social media.

Once again, stay safe, look after yourselves and we’ll see you on the road.

– Mark and Chris

UPDATE 2 – 21.03.2020


Below is an info sheet for takeaways.

The beers listed are the beers we have in the tap room storage. At the moment, we have no plans to brew for the foreseeable future and the brewery side is effectively closed.

Similarly, the ciders are available (for 2 pint and 4 pint takeouts only, no 5/10/20 litres available, as we can’t transfer it).

If you are ordering a larger quantity of beer (e.g. a 20 litre box), we would REALLY appreciate a heads-up phone call/email if at all possible, just to make things easier.


If you would like to take advantage of the home deliveries, WE ARE TAKING ORDERS FROM TODAY. Please call the numbers / email the address listed below.

PLEASE BE AWARE that we need AT LEAST TWO DAYS NOTICE to be able to deliver any of the beers listed. It gives us time to rack and settle the beers.

Prices are the same as takeouts, but an extra £2 for home deliveries.

Please also be aware, there is minimum delivery of 4 pints or more (beer AND cider).


– We are taking our hygiene measures at the brewery tap room and for our home deliveries VERY SERIOUSLY. Please see our pinned post on Facebook or our website for specifics.

– This updated business model is very new to us, so please be patient with us while we work through any kinks!

– While we urge you to be safe, we also encourage you to support local real ale establishments like the Black Lion and The Bald Buzzard Alehouse in their takeaway endeavours.

Thanks once again for the continued support in these bizarre times we live in. Stay safe.

– Mark and Chris


UPDATE 1 – 19.03.2020

Right then, folks, here we go — big post, PLEASE READ —

You’ve all seen the news regarding the situation with the pubs; it’s as clear as mud. ‘Stay away, but the pubs are still open’. This has put us in a difficult predicament.

We feel that given the fact that there are many members of our community at the tap room that might be vulnerable that we can NOT, in good conscience, open the tap room bar for socialising. 

SO —

From today, the tap room BAR will be closed for the foreseeable future. This includes ALL events (Darts Open Evening, Comedy Nights, Folk Nights, Band @ The Brewery days) for the next TWO MONTHS (April AND May) initially. HOWEVER! Some good news —

The tap room WILL be open for takeaways, with strict measures on collection. Those measures are:

  1. The tap room door will be open, but red taped. When you approach, we will take your order – 2 pint, 4 pint, 5 – 20 litre boxes are all available.
  2. Once we’ve sorted it, we’ll bring your beer to the door and take a CARD PAYMENT ONLY, please, at this time.
  3. We will be wearing gloves to handle ALL orders, using hand sanitiser and scrubbing clean any tables we might use.

Much like the mighty Tring Brewery, we will also organise a delivery to your car if you’d prefer not to approach the brewery. We are in a unique position here that the brewery is partially outside, so you can shout at us from the car park!!

With that, our opening hours will change effective immediately.

We will now be open for takeaways:

FRIDAY: 3pm – 6pm

SATURDAY: 12pm – 4pm

SUNDAY: 12pm – 2pm


As of next Wednesday 25th, we will be implementing a HOME BEER DELIVERY service for Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding villages (for the time being). THIS WILL RUN ON A WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY (at present) BETWEEN 3PM AND 5PM. Obviously this is subject to change if the government decide to go Full Lockdown, but we’ll keep you updated.

This will mean the following:

  1. Call us / send us an email (Landline: 01525 839153; Mob: 07538 903753 / and put in your order (we’ll need at least 3 days notice).
  2. We’ll need: your address (incl. postcode), a telephone number and your order. We will take a card payment over the phone at that time.
  3. We will deliver to your door on a first come, first served basis. 
  4. WHEN WE DELIVER (IMPORTANT): we will handle your beer with gloves. We will ring the doorbell and leave, where appropriate, the beer on the doorstep and step away. We’ll wait for you to answer the door and take delivery of the beer. WE WILL NEED SOMEONE TO BE IN TO TAKE DELIVERY. If no-one is in, we will have to take the beer with us and work out another time to deliver.

All of this is unprecedented and like so many other breweries, pubs and small businesses, we are having to change our business model on the fly, so we apologise if mistakes are initially made.

There are other plans afoot to keep people connected with the tap room online and we’re looking into being able to take orders and payments via our website. ALL of this, though, is subject to change, but again, we will keep you updated with any changes as and when we know about them.

In the meantime, stay in touch with us and keep safe.

 – LB Brewery Team (Mark and Chris)